Video (see us in action)

SunBlue Energy is the top-rated solar installer on independent review sites Angie’s List and Watch the videos below to see us at work, and email us or call us at (914) 222-3510 to schedule a free estimate.

Tarrytown Music Hall

SunBlue Energy is proud to have added a modern touch to this historic theater, built in 1885 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 27.5 kW system, which came about thanks to a generous grant from Green Mountain Energy, was the first commercial solar installation in Tarrytown, NY, and the first system installed on a theater in Westchester County. We like to think the performers shine even brighter on their sun-powered stage.

Solar Installation in Garrison, NY

Production from this 15.4 kW system, installed on the roof of a working barn, offsets energy usage at the owner’s house through a process known as net metering. Contact us today to find out if net metering is an option for you.

Sleepy Hollow, NY Solar Installation

SunBlue Energy installed a 18.3 kW system at the RSHM Life Center, a community center in Sleepy Hollow, NY, run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The system relied only on the NYSERDA incentive and no tax credits. The Life Center is excited to be powering close to all its electrical needs with the sun.

Commercial Solar in Goshen, NY

This 36.9 kW roof mount powers a doctor’s office in Goshen, NY, in this commercial building. But solar’s not just for the office: the doctor also generates power at his home with a 27.6 kW ground-mounted system.