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You CAN Afford Solar!New Rochelle, NY Solar Installation – Westchester, New York

There was a time when solar seemed out of reach for average homeowners, no matter how committed they were to renewable energy. Today solar systems are affordable for everyone! Between the generous incentives and tax breaks offered by the government and the many financing options on the market, going solar is more affordable than ever before! Don’t let another sunny day go by without exploring how you can save with an affordable solar system from SunBlue Energy.

No money down

Thanks to special financing programs from the New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), you can get solar panels installed in Westchester & NY state for no money down. New Yorkers can take advantage of NYSERDA’s On-Bill Recovery Finance loans, low-interest loans with an APR of 3.49 percent. Available for five, ten, or fifteen years with no pre-payment penalties, the best feature of this loan is that you repay it directly through your utility bill.

A one-year Same as Cash loan allows you to wait until you have collected your federal and state tax credits before any loan payments are due. Combining the Same as Cash and On-Bill Recovery loans allows SunBlue customers to own their solar systems without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Solar is one of the most reliable, profitable investments you can make in your home — and it’s affordable. Contact us today to learn about the right financing option for you!

Go With SunBlue!!!

“I was extremely happy with the service that SunBlue Energy provided. During the entire process of my solar installation, from our first on-site visit to the final meeting after our installation was completed, SunBlue employees exhibited honesty, knowledge, highly professional behavior and excellent craftsmanship. Anyone who uses their services will be in great hands.”

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